Hwesomame Smart Soil Sensor

At Dent Agrisystems we believe that technology can help us work better with nature and this belief has driven us to develop a smart soil sensor called Hwesomame (literally means "look after it for me" in Ghanaian local language Twi). This aims at taking guesswork out of farming.

  • Soil Parameters like moisture, temperature, salinity, pH and the nutrient contents are measured by our sensors
  • The data is cross-referenced against an extensive database of plants and soill
  • Farmers then receive personalized predictive insights on their plants and soil via sms and voice call in a local language

With the Hwesomame sensor, farmers can make informed decisions which will increase their yield and profit and improve crop quality.

Hwesomame Weather Update Service

As our climate continues to heat up and the impacts of that warming grow more frequent and severe, farmers and farm communities around the world will be increasingly challenged. And sub-Saharan Africa farmers won’t be spared the damage that climate change is already beginning to inflict. A farmer can't fight the weather, however he can adopt the given situation and take additional farm management practices to minimize crop losses and this is what we do at Dent Agrisystems with our weather forecast services.

  • Farmers receive accurate weather information on atmospheric humidity, temperature, precipitation and wind speed via sms and voice call in a local language
  • This information helps farmers make irrigation event schedules, set pest alarms, plan times for sowing and harvesting.

Farming based on weather data is crucial to successful farm management. More importantly, it ensures sustainable farming, thus protecting the environment.

AquaHub App

Ghana’s first digital platform for Aquaponics. Learn about Aquaponics, monitor your Aquaponics System and Buy and sell Aquaponics Products Online.


Access rich and interesting courses/tutorials on the set up, management and post-harvest management of your Aquaponics Hub with videos


Lets you register your aquaponics system and sensors and monitor conditions such as ph, dissolved oxygen, ammonia etc and get recommendations from the app to make data driven decisions.


A marketplace on the app where owners of Aquaponics systems and standalone vegetable and fish farms can sell their produce and also buy inputs. Hotels, Malls, restaurants and lovers of fresh vegetables and fish can also buy directly from the app.

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